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The founders we have backed are some of our best advocates. Would you like to know what they think about us? Take a look for yourself below.


Tyler Dikman

CEO and Founder, LoungeBuddy

Dan has brought tremendous value through his experience as anentrepreneur, investor, and expert in the travel industry… Dan hasbeen incredibly helpful in helping us navigate through the complexities and bureaucracies of partnering with large corporations…Dan is very transparent, honest, and efficient – exactly what I seek…He's incredibly accessible and truly cares about helping us succeed

Rakesh Tondon

CEO and Co-Founder, Le Tote Inc.

“Dan has been a terrific mentor…We have approached Dan with early issues around fundraising to recruiting challenges to helping with feedback on product related matters and he was able to help us think through those very creatively. He has a keen mind, a good heart and some very strong relationships that he's always willing to use to help… even after 5 years we still call to talk to him about challenges and issues we are dealing with.


David Morris

CEO, Smart Lunches

Dan’s partnership and support have been incredibly helpful and far-ranging across strategy, operations, and finance. He's generous with his time and always eager to pitch in whenever he sees an opportunity to help - it's typical for him to proactively reach out and share competitive/industry insights, introductions, or information in addition to our more direct, structured strategic conversations. His value-add has far exceeded the direct financial value of his firm’s investment. In addition to all that, he's simply a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dan and I wish he got to Boston more often!

Daniel Burrows

CEO and Founder, XStream

I wholeheartedly recommend working with Dan if you are lucky enough to have a chance... He is a rare breed. His style of thoughtful, creative collaboration leads to not just great counsel, but to tangible advice you can immediately implement… He always 'gets it'...Dan can be relied upon to be always thinking and always helping. I share my most difficult problems with Dan and he has come through every time.


Kenzi Wang

CEO and Founder, Traction Labs

Dan is amazing… He's a straight shooter so if he feels something is not right, he will tell you, in a very sincere way…He's meticulous in maintaining a network that is both dynamic and relevant…If you have a chance to work with him, do not hesitate.

Lukasz (Lucas) Kafarski

CEO and Co-Founder, Realine

Dan is thoughtful, helpful, genuine and sharp… engaging him was the most positive and impactful decision we made in our entrepreneurial journey.


Danny Yunes

COO and Co-Founder, Realine

Dan is high-energy, open minded, straight-forward and great to have around…I can’t imagine where we’d be without his mentorship and support. If you ever get the chance to work with Dan, do not miss out.

Jesse Maddox

CEO and Founder, TripLingo

Dan is one of my favorite board members… he understands travel well, but also understands the Silicon Valley/VC scene (and is very well connected)… He's always keeping an eye out for opportunities/partners for us… His feedback/advice is always very good… getting feedback from Dan often means a constructive conversation back and forth exploring what the issues are. Unlike many investors, Dan has actually done it before and understands the nature of the myriad of challenges and issues founders face. His advice comes from experience both on the entrepreneur side and the investor side, which is an excellent viewpoint… genuinely a great guy… I would definitely recommend him!


Mark Lawrence

CEO and Co-Founder, SpotHero

Dan has literally gone above and beyond… I can't describe the level of positive impact he's had… He's one of the most genuine and well connected positive people who isn't shy in his generosity to help…His understanding of companies at different stages from his past experience is what makes his perspective and help really impactful. Anyone who has the opportunity to engage with Dan is incredibly lucky.

Jeremy Smith

Co-Founder, SpotHero

Dan is incredible… I can't describe how lucky I am to have Dan on our team and how great he has been... He knows what he's doing, he's humble, and he's all around fantastic.


Jeff Stefanis

CEO and Co-Founder, Riide

It’s hard to find a better investor and mentor than Dan…I trust him implicitly and he is someone I look forward to talking with and seeing. Always generous with his time and insight Dan is the perfect thought partner…He challenges us, is open to debate, and never offended if we disagree. He is incredibly well connected…Most importantly he is a genuinely good person who is thoughtful, humble, and kind… working with him is a no-brainer!

Rahul Chitrapu

CEO and Co-Founder, Instaread

Dan has awesome knowledge around creating hit products... because he's done it before! Plus he is a super nice guy. You'd want him in your corner.


Dave Mariani

CEO, AtScale

Lev has been instrumental in helping with product and sales strategy. He is always willing to introduce us to customers through his extensive network. Lev has been very insightful in fundraising and partnerships. Lev always has an open door and is very transparent with his feedback. Lev is the ideal of what to look for in an investor. He truly cares about helping us succeed. I recommend Lev highly and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Vikrant Karvir

CEO, Cirro Secure (acquired by Palo Alto Networks)

Lev has brought tremendous value through his varied experience. Lev is always there to help us creatively solve problems. His insight has been very helpful on fundraising. Lev has a very extensive network and is always willing to roll up his sleeves. Lev is very thoughtful and creative with a great sense of humor. He always helps us navigate the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. I hope you get a chance to work with him as well!


Matt Sunbulli

CEO and Co-Founder, Fishbowl

Dan is a dynamic investor and advisor. He provides valuable advice as a product-minded entrepreneur, and he can give you an investor's take on your fundraising and operational strategy. Would gladly endorse and recommend Dan to other entrepreneurs.

Jennifer Fremont-Smith

CEO and Founder, Happie.me

Daniel has been an incredibly value-added and strategic investor to us at Happie. He's accessible - always willing to roll up his sleeves and help with feedback, key insights, and introductions. Every time I connect with him I walk away with a valuable perspective that has helped shape our strategic path. He's also a super good guy, so I love working with him.


Oren Levy

CEO, Zooz

Lev is an outstanding professional with expertise in creating business opportunities and connecting the right people from his vast network. He is committed to helping companies grow and we always could rely on him for support whenever needed. I highly recommend him.