...we want to help you win.

We take pride in being "smart money" and value-add capital. And as former operators and/or founders ourselves, we understand what you're dealing with. Let's explore whether it makes sense to work together to help take your company to the next level - and beyond.

Traditional equity

most vc's invest cash in exchange for equity. most of the time, that's what we do too.

We consider ourselves a seed and Series A-stage fund. Occasionally, we'll make a Series B investment. We target ownership stakes of 10-30% depending on the stage and the dynamics of the round.

non-dilutive venture debt

no founder likes to get diluted. sometimes, we can help WITH that.

For businesses that demonstrate reliable, consistent cash flows and a strong likelihood of long-term viability, we may be able to structure creative venture debt arrangements that preserve the equity upside of the founders while still enabling us to meet the financial requirements of our LPs.